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Hot Granny with huge boobs strips and masturbates


“I liked having my nipples pierced so much that I knew I was going to get my pussy done next,” 55-year-old Michaela O’Brilliant said. “I know piercings are somewhat normal these days, but I got mine over 20 years ago. Not many people had them then and certainly not in France. I’ve always been ahead of the times in that sense. I also advocated for anal sex in the ’90s, but my friends were all scared to try it. I was the first one of the bunch to do it, and eventually they followed me.”

Good for them! Michaela is right when she says piercings are common these days, but it’s definitely not common for a 55-year-old granny who has grandchildren to have pierced nipples and 5 pieces of jewelry jingle-jangling from her pussy lips.

“Most of the men and women I have sex with enjoy them,” she said. “They like the clinking noise they make when we have sex.”

She also said, “For some reason, people always seem to remember me.” For some reason? Maybe those huge, super-sized boobs and her pierced pussy are the reason.

Here Michaela is wearing a sexy purple dress that hugs her voluptuous body. Her boobs are pouring out of her overmatched bra. She’s wearing stockings. She’s all alone and playing with her pussy. She spits on her hand and lubes it. She gets on all fours so we can see her open asshole and bejeweled pussy.

For some reason, we think you’re going to remember this movie for a long time.

Date: November 13, 2020

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