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Granny Marilyn Masters givining it to the pool boy


On a beautiful, sunny day in Miami, 52-year-old mom Marilyn Masters is looking stunning in a tiny bikini that shows off her tight little ass and a tiny top that shows off her huge tits. Neil is working by the pool. He says he can come back later, but Marilyn says, “Oh, dont worry. I’m just going to sit here sunbathing, minding my own business.”

But minding her own business takes on another meaning when Marilyn starts adjusting her bikini top, pulling out her boobs, rubbing cream into them. Neil’s business is causing a commotion in his pants. Marilyn says, “Can you come over here and put some lotion on my back, please?”

Why do pool boys get all the best MILF pussy?

You can guess what happens next: Neil rubs oil into Marilyn’s back. Then she asks him to rub some oil into her front, meaning her boobs. “Something’s getting hard,” she says as she grabs his crotch.

Before long, Marilyn has Neil’s dick in her mouth and then he’s fucking her pussy, too. Pool boy just has to be the best job in the world.

“No one would be surprised by me doing this,” Marilyn told us. “If anything, they’d be surprised that it took me so long before I explored this path.”

Marilyn is from Chicago and lives in Florida. She’s a horny housewife in this scene, but in reality, she’s divorced from a dude who probably would flip out if he saw his ex-wife here, doing this.

Favorite sports: “I used to compete in fitness and bodybuilding.”

Panties?: “A thong or nothing at all.”

How a guy gets her attention: “Humor and intelligence are both big attractors for me, and if he has both, watch out!”

She also told us, “I have been an adult entertainer for over 25 years. I have also owned my own health food store and I have been in sales and management positions. I am an artist and I sell my oil canvas paintings along with faux paintings.”

Date: November 16, 2020
Pornstars: Marilyn Masters

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